A Maze of Death: Liner Notes

This album is based on the novel A Maze of Death by Philip K. Dick. It is a collaboration between Future Boy and Johnny Cashpoint. Recorded at home in Montréal and London. Mixed by Future Boy at home. Mastered by Puce at home.

01> FB: vocals/music. Contains samples from "Dan Dare" by The Art of Noise, "One Hit Wonder" by Everclear, and "In The Air" by Phil Collins. 02> FB: vocals/music, J$: lyrics. 03> FB: vocals/melody, J$: lyrics/music/computer voice, Ken: drums. 04> FB: vocals/lyrics/editing, J$: music. 05> FB: vocals/music, J$: lyrics. 06> FB: vocals/music/lyrics. 07> FB: vocals/music/lyrics. 08> FB: vocals/lyrics/editing, J$: music/lyrics. 09> FB: vocals/music, J$: lyrics. 10> FB: vocals/music/lyrics, J$: vocals, music. 11> FB: vocals/music, J$: lyrics/tench. 12> FB: vocals/music/lyrics. 13> FB: editing/sampling, J$: sound sources. Contains samples from Verdi's Requiem. 14> FB: vocals/music/lyrics, J$: lyrics. 15> FB: vocals/music/lyrics, J$: music. 16> FB: vocals/lyrics, J$: music. 17> FB: vocals/music/lyrics, J$: music.